Rivers Institute for Contemporary Art & Thought is based in New Orleans. Our seasons are shaped from within and without. Our inaugural-season contributors include Jordan Amirkhani, Andrea Andersson, Sergio Bessa, Sanford Biggers, Laurel Brown, Elinor Carucci, Nathan Davis, Elena del Rivero, Nazlı Ercan, Jennifer Francino, Christopher Harter, Ted Hearne, John Jennings, Eric Li, Jonah Max, John McPhee, Harryette Mullen, Laura Mullen, Kara Olidge, Nicholas Payton, Scott Ponik, David Robinson-Morris, Jacqueline Rose, Cameron Shaw, Brian Sholis, Rodrigo Toscano, John A. Tyson, Melissa Weber, Kandis Williams, Saul Williams, Ronaldo Wilson & Terri Witek. This platform and the work it supports is made possible by the remarkable design & development team: Scott Ponik, Eric Li & Nazlı Ercan.

We can be reached at info@riversinstitute.org.